Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance cover
Significance cover

Alright, now it’s time to actually start reviewing some books. Significance by Shelly Crane has to be one of my favs of all time. Not only is it an addicting romance, but it’s also paranormal. One of my favorite combos πŸ˜‰ Her creation of a new race of people called ‘Aces’ is so deliciously original that it makes me want to jump for joy to read something no has ever done before. And let me tell you, it isΒ not easy to come up with a new paranormal being.

Maggie is new graduate from high school who not only has to take care of herself, but she also has to pay the bills and care for her severely depressed father. Who still can’t get over his wife, and Maggie’s mother, abandoning them for a life in California.

But to top everything off her now ex-boyfriend ditched her for a scholarship in Florida. Nowhere near their shared home state of Tennessee. After graduation night, she heads out to meet up with a friend. And not only does she save this handsome stranger from getting hit by a truck on her rare excursion to see an old friend, but she also just saved her soulmate’s life.

At first this book sounds cheesy with whole ‘soulmate’ deal. Not only has it been done multiple times, but most people sadly associate it with the love from Twilight. Not that the Twilight saga isn’t awesome, but the telling of this love story is so beyond different. For one, you’ll actually like the heroine. She’s a strong, independent character who isn’t all whoa is me and why can’t my life be fairer. No. She is a kickass, take life by the horns and work with it. You’ll instantly like her slight sarcasm and the way she interacts with this new family that reminds her of what she use to have.

And now for the best part of this book, Caleb. Yes, he is the holy mother freaking grail of teen male characters. He is like the mold that every man should be made of. He’s protective but not to the point where it’s annoying and bordering on insulting Women’s rights. He’s understanding of her predicaments but is supportive at every turn and always wants to be there for her in every way possible. Sweet, caring, manly, and just frickin’ amazing. He’s basically awesome. That’s all you have to know.

And if you are a person that just likes the paranormal aspect, then this book is PERFECT FOR YOU! I love romance and paranormal mixed together, but if I was just a paranormal junkie, then this book would have been a five star just in that respect. The world of Aces is new, refreshing, and totally original. Not once could you say, “oh, that book I read last month was kind of like that too.” Absolutely not. You will never through this book see a thread connecting it to another series or book.

Overall this book rocked my world and I would recommend it to people from age 14 to 75. It’s that good and universal.


3 thoughts on “Significance by Shelly Crane”

  1. Great review as always! πŸ˜€
    Congatulations on getting the blog up and running too! That was fast! You will be giving me tips in a little while!! Oh, and I am now calling you Sis! πŸ˜‰

  2. Lol I don’t think I’ll be giving tips! Just trying to figure it out still. And that’s fine if you want to call me sis πŸ˜‰ plus congrats on yours too, it looks fantastic!

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