Ink by Amanda Sun

Ink cover
            Ink cover


First of all, isn’t that a beautiful cover? I know people always say don’t judge a book by its cover. But come on, it’s the main feature which makes you want to get it! So yes, I’m proud to say that I do judge a book by its cover. Which I’m sure most of you do even if you don’t realize it.

Aside from the gorgeous watercolor cover,I really enjoyed this book. The Japanese culture was extremely interesting and new to me that that alone could have entertained me throughout the story. But throw in some romance and an original plot? GOLD PEOPLE. You know how rare that is? If you’re an avid reader like myself then I think you’ll understand.

Katie Greene lost it all. Her mom, the only place she ever called home, and all semblance of a normal life. Moving to Japan was probably the worst thing that could happen on top of having to live with an aunt she barely knows and learning a brand new language. Though everything is new and scary, life is semi normal now. That is until she saw Tomohiro’s drawing move.

At first I thought that maybe this story wouldn’t have much of a romance, but it did. The only thing was that it was subtle and took time to mature. I liked that it wasn’t insta love for a change and that the characters grew up throughout the book. The drawing aspect got my attention since I specialize in realistic pencil and I could relate to that. But the way this author made the book come alive made me want to live in this story and experience it for myself. Tomohiro was frustrating at times but I could understand why he did some of things that he did. And Katie was awesome. You never felt like she was whiny or stuck up. She was persistent and always wanted the truth no matter how dangerous it could be. She had guts and I loved it. I would give this book by Amanda Sun a solid four stars.

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