Jump Start My Heart now $2.99!

Okay, so I was thinking the other day and I decided to knock the price of JSMH down to $2.99. I get that people think it’s only 196 pages in paper book form, but amazon made a mistake. The real page count is around 250-270 range. And I definitely think that three bucks is a pretty good price considering the years writing the thing took off my life lol. So I hope you all can give it a chance and give some feedback! Also, it would help ASTRONOMICALLY if you guys could put your reviews on amazon.com. I only ask that because when you go to buy a book, you always reads people’s reviews first, right? So if you would mind doing that it would be a huge favor! Thanks again lovelies!Β 

2 thoughts on “Jump Start My Heart now $2.99!”

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