WTF Man!

I know the header sounds bad, but that was my reaction when I found out that City of Ashes the movie wasn’t starting production in early September. Now if you don’t know what City of Ashes is, then maybe you should stop reading this post. So since you’ve been living under a rock, City of Ashes is the second installment in the six part Mortal Instruments series by the amazing Cassandra Clare. To show you how awesome this woman’s writing is, it made me want to be an author and gave me that push to actually write a story and publish it.

Now back to the movie. The Mortal Instruments City of Bones starring Jamie Campbell Bower (secret husband) and Lily Collins was a flunk at the box office even though it was one of the best movies of 2013 for me. Due to its low score, production for part 2 was put off indefinitely. Now to people in the film and book world, this basically means the death of the project. Many fans speculated that it was to improve the script and keep more to the book to entice the fans to come out and view the movie in theaters. Others thought it was just a nice way of telling us that our dreams of seeing more Jace and Clary on the big screen were demolished. Though I hate to admit, I am a realist and went with the second theory though I really wanted it to be the first. And I am SO excited to tell you all that theory number 1 was correct! *cue Jace fans everywhere screeching*

This post may seem pointless, but it goes to show you that the fans insistence and a positive point of view make a difference. I know this line is overused and cliché, but it’s good all the same: Be the change you want to see! Make a difference and get off your ass and go do something productive kids. (okay, that last bit was added by me lol, but go do it!)


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