Well, it’s that time of year again where we eat too much, spend way more than is needed, and gain at least five extra pounds in turkey coma. And every year we say, “No, this year I’m seriously cutting back and just gonna take a little.” And then they start passing around the pumpkin pie and then the apple pie, so we easily change our tune to, “Well, what’s a little bit going to hurt? We only do this once a year, right?” Two hours later, you are sitting in front of the tv watching football and unbuckling your pants Frank Barone style. Moaning that you shouldn’t have taken that extra serving of mashed potatoes. But you know what, that’s the holidays. We treat ourselves and then it bites us in our now enormous behinds. But be thankful that you have the opportunity to over stuff this Thanksgiving. Many people and children all over the world don’t even have the confidence to know they’ll eat tonight. So take this opportunity today to enjoy what’s in front of you. Be grateful that you get to overstuff. That God granted you to have time to be with your family and share in the blessings He has bestowed upon you. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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