I hate technology with a passion

The life of an author is a stressful one. Not because there’s pressure for a sequel or coming up with a story, but the effing technology you have to screw with to work is absolutely ridiculous. Here has been my writing journey so far with frickin’ computers and everything in between.

I started writing Jump Start My Heart on my iPad. Then I switched it over to my sister’s computer on her Microsoft Works program. Then I find out that I can’t create a table of contents with Microsoft Works, so I have to go and spend a hundred dollars on Office Word JUST for the damn table of contents. Well, then I lost the WHOLE freaking book and had a literal panic attack where I almost stopped breathing (I have anxiety issues if you couldn’t tell already). But then God saved me because my dad and sister found this button that goes back a day to files that may have been, you know, important! But you know how I lost it? Because I was being cheap and found this free program online that “works just the same as expensive Word”. Two words: Bull. Shiz. And then I decided I should buy a computer for myself so I won’t have to keep stealing my sister’s. I got my gateway for a really good deal, but the only problem was that it had windows 8. NEVER BUY A COMPUTER WITH WINDOWS 8. Worst mistake ever.Β 

I’ve only had it for less than a month and I’m sending it back because it messed up my email, documents, and files. So NOW I have to spend an extra seventy bucks for a new computer. And you know why it costs so much more? Because it has windows 7. Yep, I have to pay more for an OLD PROGRAM!Β 


Yeah, ah, think twice before you become an author, because this is what you will experience along the way.


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