Will Freaking Herondale Anyone?


If he can crack a joke, then he is the most perfect Will on the face of the freaking planet.


So there has been a lot of talk lately about turning Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare into a movie. My first reaction was to squeal and clap my hands super fast. Very London from The Sweet Life of Zach and Cody (anyone remember that show on Disney?) But back to why there is a dude in a hoodie above lol. One of the producers for the movie asked fans on twitter who THEY want to see on the big screen play the unforgettable Will Herondale. At least they finally came to sense and asked the fans what they wanted. THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT AGES AGO!!! But since they are doing it now, I’ll be kind and forgive them of their fatal mistake 😉

Some of the candidates to play Will have been models, popular guys on sappy dramas, and a few other big names. But the man above is my pick. To me, Joshua Anthony Brand above is the perfect modern day Herondale.

If any of you guys have suggestions for who should play Will in The Infernal Devices trilogy, comment below!


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