Allegiant: Awful or Amazing?



Before I confuse anyone, this is NOT a review. I have not read this one yet and that is why I am posting this question: Did you, or did you not like the final book in the Divergent trilogy?

Personally I loved Divergent (book #1) and I thought Insurgent (book#2) was okay. I’m never as big of fan of the sequels as I am of the first books in an installment or series, so with Insurgent it wasn’t as big of a surprise. But here’s the thing, I thought when Allegiant came out, I’d be all over it. Wanting to read it at its midnight release and all that. But the day it came out, I was strangely hesitant. A bad feeling if you will. And it turns out I was right.

About a week ago I was reading a comment on Goodreads and accidentally saw what happened in the end of the book. Now I won’t go spoiling it for you like this chick did for me, but let’s just say my sixth sense was right. When I hear something  bad about a series ending, I either don’t read it and come up with my own ending, or I read it and just put a satisfying twist to the bad scenes. But I have no idea what I should do with this book. I have it, but I’m scared to read it. And since I kind of know how it ends, it seems pointless to read. I have heard from some people that they have a theory that Veronica (aka the author) is secretly writing a fourth book to the series so that Allegiant threw us off the scent. I hope to Jesus above that that is true. Because if it’s not and she ended it that way, then she lost a fan in me.

But through all of that bitching and rambling, I get to my conclusion. What did you guys think of the book, and were you satisfied with its conclusion? Comment below  or message me on my Goodreads profile!

And I also wish you all an awesome Christmas! May Santa be good to you whether you were naughty or nice ;—)


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