The Therapy Benefits of Chick Flick Marathons

I have been raised since I was about seven years old to watch chick flicks of every kind. Dragged to the movie theater to watch everything from morbid A Walk To Remember, all the way to the remarkably sappy The Holiday. And to be honest, for years I had kind of loathed them because I HAD been so exposed to them. But now that I’m in my late teens, I feel like I can reap the teaching benefits of these seriously cheesy movies 😉

I think it’s something in our female DNA that makes us want to watch a sappy romance or cry our eyeballs out over The Titanic. We get this urge to sit down on a comfy couch, curl up with a blanket, and chill with a bowl of popcorn and a LOT of chocolate lol. But I think we need to indulge in some good old fashioned girl time once in a while. It lets you be exposed to happy and unrealistic endings that brighten the dark spots in life where we know that reality isn’t always so forgiving.

So this is going to be my top ten favs list of therapeutic chick flicks. And we are going to start with….

1. The Holiday

2. Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightly version)

3. The Wedding Planner (hello, classic!)

4. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

5. Something’s Gotta Give

6. Something Borrowed

7. Letters to Juliet

8. New Year’s Eve

9. The Proposal

10.Twilight (don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!) 


Though when I was younger I couldn’t appreciate some of the values in these movies, I certainly do now and thank my mom and sis for making me watch some of these classics with them. It has given us a common bond, and now movie nights with my mom, aunt, and older sister have become a regular weekly thing. So tell me, are there any chick movies on my list that made yours? Message below if so!


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