The Dragon’s Gem by Donna Flynn Review



Welcome to Grayhurst Academy, a private school filled with secrets, intrigue, and more fiery personalities than one school can handle!

Being the new student, at a new school, is always difficult. For Aurora, who has been blind since birth, it is even more of a challenge. Unwanted there by Draco, the most popular boy at school and hated by the female who wants him for her own, she finds herself questioning the wisdom of attending Grayhurst Academy. That is until she finds herself falling for Draco despite his apparent dislike for her.

Draco didn’t want Aurora attending his school, residing in his father’s guesthouse, or even living in the same state as he did. It wasn’t personal, he just wasn’t ready to settle down with the one female fate had designed for him. From the moment they first touch, though, he finds himself falling for the green-eyed temptress that was always meant to be his. Problem is he has a big secret, one that could drive her away now that he finally realizes just how much she means to him.

Can two young lovers make it in a world where fantasy clashes with reality? Will Aurora take her place by Draco’s side as his love, his life, his Gem?”


As always, I’m a huge sucker for a killer cover. And this one pulled me in like a suicidal moth to a very tempting flame. Not only was the cover pretty, but I found the synopsis intriguing and ultimately the deciding factor. To be honest, I just realized that the yellow thing in the back is a dragon and not a maple leaf like I originally thought. Guess that’s what enlarging a picture does lol. That and having really bad eyesight ;—-)

I had originally read this back in October, so I’m a little rusty on some of the plot, forgive me.

Aurora is blind. As in, dude the world is black. That is something I have never read about before. I have never had a main character be blind or have a major handicap. But never once did it feel like she actually was handicap. She handled things with grace and confidence and tried not to let things bother her. But lets face it. Sometimes the bitch at school is too hard to ignore. I also loved the different view (God forgive me for the pun) I got with her being blind. It really made me appreciate and connect with her even though I myself am not blind. Plus, I feel it gave the story even more depth that may have saved it from being a three star book.

Back to the story…

With her dad being a scientist, they move for his job and this is where the Academy comes in, and ultimately Draco. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dude in the beginning if I’m being honest with you. I thought he was a selfish idiot who wanted things to go his way and God forbid if they didn’t. But we do see a lot of character growth with him, and in the end, he became one of my fav characters in the book.

One of my favorite parts of a book is the secondary characters. They can sometimes make it or break it for me. This book right from the start had great secondary chars and I loved the friendships easily made between Aurora and some of the people at Grayhurst. Now I won’t mention who because YOU will have to decide who is friend or foe 😉

The plot for this was great. I love a good dragon book and this delivered. The writing was smooth and thought out, and I didn’t feel like there were places missing or underdeveloped characters. My only complaint is probably the biotch at the school, and the time it took for Draco to become a non-ass. But besides those points, this was a really enjoyable read for the romantics out there that crave destined love and the paranormal junkies who love a good dragon thriller.

The Dragon’s Gem by Donna Flynn = 4 stars


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