The Clearance Bin of Posts

I name this post the clearance bin because it’s going to be pretty friggin’ eclectic. I want to start out with the first item on our list: Starbound by J.L. Weil. ( cover shown here,Starbound ) I’m not really in the mood to give it a huge review, so I’ll be brief. I thought it was a good, new example of the fairy world though it had nothing to do with fairies. More like nixies to be precise. As always, I loved the soulmate thing going on in the book, and I also loved Seth. I liked protagonist okay, but she didn’t wow me. So I’m giving this one a 3.5 star rating.

Next in the sales bin is updates about the re-editing of Jump Start My Heart. I’ve been studiously changing scenes, grammar, and overall Kindle ebook formatting for longer than I’d like to admit. But it will be done soon, though I refuse to give a date as to when, because I hate deadlines. What I can tell you is that when I republish, I’m going to be doing a special sales price for one week on Amazon.com. Also, I will be broadcasting a giveaway on my friend Cookie’s blog (Live A Thousand Lives, check it out, it’s the bomb.com) and I will also be in a little author interview, so stay tuned for that if you like. I’ll probably be updating you guys about this again when I actually have it done, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up in the mean time.

Last but not least, I want everyone to know that I actually do ARCs plus review/author promotion on my fabulous blog 😉 So if you are an author and looking for someone who can broadcast your book, then give me a message in comments about your book and I’ll give it a look. I can do mini author interviews, a review post about the book and where to find it and if you are doing promotional sales, and last but not least, broadcasting it with all of my lovely viewers. Had I done this in the beginning when I started with my own book, my life would have been a LOT EASIER. That is why I’m offering this all inclusive package to y’all. So that’s it. I hope you all liked this super random post, and if you didn’t well…awkward lol. BYE!


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