Always Read the Fine Print…

Let me paint the picture for you. The time is 12:01 a.m. May 12. The air is cool, like a crisp autumn day. My room fan hums soothingly in the back ground. I’m on the amazon website, all ready to change the price of Jump Start My Heart to the new sale price, my fingers poised above the fake keys of my iPad. That is until I put in said price and a little red message annoyingly pops up on my screen. That’s also something I’ve been wondering about. Have you ever noticed how bad things in life start with the color red? An ill-timed stop light, blood shed in bad action movies, and the only stain that will NEVER come out of your clothing no matter how much Clorox you put on that sucker. Well, the same ill fate came with this message alert. Turns out the length of the book is too long for the price of $1.99 for amazon.com. And watch me get sued by them for discrediting their establishment, er, “website.” But really, I blame myself. I should have read the fine print better on my terms and agreement deal. And for that I am truly sorry, because the sale for jump Start My Heart has been cancelled. It truly pains me to not keep my word, that’s why I’m going to be giving out TWO free ebook copies if I can. Now I say “if I can” because I don’t want to dampen any more spirits if this s*** doesn’t go through. My luck with this writing dream of mine has been like a bad omen from the beginning. But guess what? Inda freaking Herwood isn’t going to let a little thing like pesky electronics get in the way of bringing the world boy band literature. You can count on that 😉


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