So, surprisingly I’ve been able to pull off doing this giveaway with the help of my awesome blogger friend, Cookie. On June 7 she will be hosting my giveaway of two ebook copies of Jump Start My Heart. Also she did an author interview with me and that too will be in her post if y’all want to check it out as well. I’m going to put a post to her blog now, but also on June 7 I’ll be doing another post on here to remind you guys of the giveaway and also the link to the sign up page. I hope you all enter, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Here’s the link to her blog, http://kookiekrysp.com



What would you do if your summer was hijacked because your parents wanted to study freaking bugs? Well, that’s what happened to me. I thought the summer after high school graduation would be a time to have fun, plan for college, and avoid the parents. I did avoid the parents, just not the way I wanted to.

So instead of going for the summer to Colorado with Mom and Dad, I went with my only other option…my crazy aunt who I haven’t seen in years. Who just so happens to be a make-up artist in England now. Score, right? Not. A week into my vacay my aunt gets a call and away we go on some stupid tour her clumsy friend bailed on. Little did I know that the band we were working for just happened to be the biggest boy band in the world. And one of them just had to make me break my rules…

Maybe I should have gone with the crickets.

This book is clean YA romance and is for ages 14 and up.


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