Side Effects of Fan Girling : Heart Palpitations, Hyperventilating, and a bit of Good ol’ Fashion Squeeling


So I’m stalking my favorite tumblr (the magnificent Cassandra Clare’s to be specific), and I come across this ridiculously cool drawing of the soon to be heart throb of the Dark Artifices series. I loved Julian in COHF, and I was beyond excited to read more about him in TDA.

But that was before I discovered this.

Anybody that has followed this blog from the beginning knows I’m an author as well as an artist, and I absolutely LOVE to draw characters from my favorite books. But you know what I love even more? When the characters I’m drawing are actually artists themselves. And when I saw this rune card and discovered that Julian is an artist as well, my fan girling for him went through the freaking roof. Now I REALLY want to read more about Julian Blackthorn: shadowhunter/artist. My two favorite things in this world combined. I may not survive this new fandom. If I don’t…well…it was nice knowing all of you beautiful people ;–)


All of the rights to this picture go to Cassandra Clare and the artist who drew this beautiful card. I just wanted to share it with you guys, but complete credit goes to Cassie.


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