Love is Blind by Shayna B. review



Hailey Baker was a normal teenager- friends, the occasional party and a great boyfriend. But that all changes one night when an accident kills her parents and leaves Hailey with a serious back injury.
Seven months after the accident, Hailey has struggled to learn to walk again and is now about to start at a new school after moving in with her uncle. Determined to live a normal life, she doesn’t let her injury slow her down. When she meets Blake Adams, her life changes once again- this time for the better.

Blake was the school’s golden boy until he lost his sight in a freak accident two years earlier. Going through life withdrawn and miserable, he expects to remain alone for the rest of his life. But then he meets Hailey, and all his expectations are thrown to the wind.


“Love is Blind” is about Hailey Baker, a teenage girl who has just gone through one of the most horrible things a person can go through. After a terrible accident leaves her back in bad shape and takes the lives of her parents, Hailey moves in with her uncle. And starting at a new school is just the clean slate she needs to get away from the sympathy stares and pitying looks from the people who knew her before the accident. But on the first day of senior year she meets Blake: A cynical and incredibly rude boy who is now her biology partner. Seeing something in him that reminds her of herself, Hailey decides to befriend him. Especially after she discovers he has his own disabling secrets as well.

I really enjoyed this read. I liked how everything flowed organically and nothing felt rushed or too slow. The main characters were three dimensional and had great back stories that made them real and not fictitiously perfect like most books do. Blake was the type of character that I would label a scrooge. He was mean, bitter, and very jaded about his disability and how his life had changed because of one stupid mistake. This may sound weird, but I liked that Hailey didn’t change his personality. Through the book he doesn’t remarkably change his attitude and start hugging puppies and seeing everything through happy glasses. He’s still as grumpy as ever, but now he has someone who he doesn’t have to be like that around all the time. Hailey brought out some of his good traits, but she didn’t change him. It was refreshingly realistic in my opinion.

Hailey was the kind of girl where at first you’re like, “Ugh. Why is she so happy? She’s been through hell and back and she still smiles.” At first that’s how I felt. I just didn’t think it was very plausible to be like that after all she had gone through. But as the book progresses, she explains how certain things have healed her and made her who she is today. She was like Blake after her accident, but because of her remaining family she found the bright side in life again. And I liked hearing her story through those terms.

I also liked the romance in this one. They were friends first and that always makes for a better romance in my opinion. It was slow and gradual and altogether perfectly executed. The secondary characters were good too, but I do wish they’d had a bit more of a story behind them. It just kind of felt like they were fillers to add depth to the story, but not much dimension.

I really liked this book overall and would definitely recommend it to people who like wounded heroes and sweet romance.

Love is Blind by Shayna B. = 4 stars

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