My Book Playlist!

I have to say I’m a huge fan of songs being mentioned in books. That’s why with every book I write I try to put some of my favorite songs in there with certain scenes. And because of that, I have decided to share a playlist of some of the songs mentioned in my books. Now I’m not telling you all of them – not just because I have a ridiculously bad memory and can’t remember them all – but I want those of you who haven’t read by books yet to have a bit of surprise when you do ;–)

So here are some of my favorite songs mentioned in Jump Start My Heart (Separate Ways #1), Heart of Onyx (Separate Ways #2), and my newest release Learning Patience (Standalone)!

1. Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran (From Heart of Onyx)

2. Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan covered by Adele (From Heart of Onyx)

3. DNA by Little Mix (From Jump Start My Heart)

4. Dream by Priscilla Ahn (From Jump Start My Heart)

5. Go Your Own Way covered by Lissie (From Jump Start My Heart)

6. Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora (From Learning Patience)

7. Alive by Krewella (From Jump Start My Heart)

I acknowledge all copyrights to the artists above and their songs.


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