Give Me the Push

I’m a YA romance writer. I know, I’m sharing state secrets lol. But honestly that’s what I love to write. Though something you probably don’t know is that I’ve been working on a YA paranormal story since January. I know you all may be gasping right now at your screen (I’m being very sarcastic) but this is something I’ve really wanted to do since I started writing. Little did I know that writing paranormal would kick my butt. Seriously, it is so frigging hard! And not only did I want to write a paranormal, but I also wanted to create my own race of paranormal beings *smacks self in the head*. What I’m trying to get at here is that I really need the motivation to finish this monster. And that is why I’m giving you guys a sneak peak of my new YA paranormal series. I really want you tell me in comments if this is a story you would want to read. And if it just isn’t your thing (paranormal I mean) well…don’t comment I guess lol.

 Okay, without further ado, I give you Finding My Halo (Senoviam #1)

Again, don’t forget to comment! It would help me out in a huge way.

I thought my world was messed up before. You know, with being friendless and thrown into a massive high school with never having attended one in my life. But that goes to show you that one should never assume the worst has happened…until it does.

When senior year started, I thought my biggest stress would be bitchy cheerleaders slamming me into lockers and being spit on in the front row by Mr. Locklin, who sprays instead of speaks – if the rumors are true. Never did I think it would be a treat compared to being hunted by smoke creatures because I’m the declared mate to the most powerful Senoviam that has ever existed. That wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what a freaking Senoviam WAS.

But so what if he’s drool worthy? As long as I have a towel on stand by to wipe up said drool, I can avoid those glowing hazel eyes that make me come alive. Throw in some family drama and a bunch of centuries old people teaching you how to throw sharp things and you have one interesting senior year of high school.

Don’t be jealous.


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