Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo review



Take a risk.
Do something drastic.
Fall in love.

When Amberlyn Reilly loses her mother, her whole world comes crashing down. Having been caretaker to her for most of her teenage years, Amberlyn is inexperienced in many aspects of life. She hasn’t had time to live, have fun, or enjoy even the little things. It’s only when a letter from her mother, asking her to fulfill three things, sends her off to Ireland to live a life she never thought possible that she begins to heal.

Declan O’Callaghan was born and raised in Ireland and has his family’s legendary whiskey in his veins. He’s shy and not a fan of the pressure and spotlight that comes with his family name, or the title he was given at birth—the Whiskey Prince. Declan knows just what he wants and that is to take over the family dynasty, but when his father gives him an ultimatum, everything he’s worked for could come undone in the blink of an eye.

With six months to get married, the reclusive Declan spots Amberlyn across a lake and instantly feels the need to know her. Soon, the two find themselves traveling down a path neither expected. However, like any road, there are bumps and side streets to derail them. Can Declan help find the pieces that will make Amberlyn whole again? And will Amberlyn stay or run when she learns of Declan’s deadline of marriage?


I’m telling you what guys, there is nothing better than reading a romance set in gorgeous Ireland with a freaking Irish prince. It’s like the holy grail of what romance should be. And though Declan wasn’t technically a royal prince, he might as well been.

Declan O’Callaghan is the Whiskey Prince, heir to the O’Callaghan Whiskey throne. But there’s one condition he must face in order to inherit the world famous distillery.

He needs a wife.

In six months.

Had I been him, I’d told daddy he was hitting the bottle a little too hard. I mean seriously, what sane woman would meet and then marry a guy within six months of knowing him? For Dec, that was his biggest challenge. Being a hermit tucked away in the safety of the family grounds wasn’t going to help the situation either.

Amberlyn Reilly has lost everything, including her will to move on. After the death of her mother, Amberlyn doesn’t know how she’s going to wake up the next day after the funeral and seemingly move on from the life she’s known with her ill mother. She’s taken care of her since the beginning of her illness, forfeiting a life as a teen and young adult. But what saves her is the letter her mother leaves behind, setting up an adventure for her daughter so that she can have a fresh start. And a fresh start means moving to Ireland.

This was like the sweetest thing to read. Amberlyn was a kind and positive soul. Though she lost everything, she lived by her mother’s saying, The sun is going to rise and shine tomorrow and so should you. I may not have gotten that a hundred percent correct, but that was the gist of it. That along with her nonjudgmental attitude and lack of caring about his title is what attracted Declan to her. They had a sweet and innocent romance. I loved how they just seemed to click and I found that the author did a fantastic job of matching the characters’ personalities with each other. The story flowed nicely and had an interesting plot twist at the end. Every review I saw mentioned a big surprise, but no one hinted as to what is was. So guess what? I’m not going to say anything about it either, lol.

Overall I really enjoyed this read. The secondary characters were great, and there was no big conflict 3/4 in like there usually is in YA/NA romance. It was just a great read and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance set in a beautiful place.

Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo = 4.5 Irish stars


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