“Need A Little Help From My Friends”

Like a lot of writers, I need inspiration. I’m driven by it and love when something I see, hear, or experience gives me a spark of creativity. Lately, though, I have been lacking greatly in this department. My biggest source for inspiration usually comes from books. Yeah, huge shocker, right? But really, other people’s works are a great source of inspiration for me. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a good book to sink my teeth into lately. This is where you lovely people come in 😉

I would love, and I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE if you guys could recommend me a good YA romance. I don’t care if it’s just romance, paranormal romance, or what. I just want a really good YA read to give me a bit of a push to get me out of this horrible writing slum I’ve been in. All of your suggestions will be highly appreciated!


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