So if you follow me on twitter (if you don’t you totally should at @IndaHerwood 😉 you already know that I’ve been re-editing Jump Start My Heart for the new third edition coming soon. I’m adding quite a few more pages so this thing is taking me a while lol. I’m currently halfway through the final read through and when I’m done, I’ll give it to someone else for one more check to make sure everything is perfect. Because I HATE errors. So even if it takes me a week or two longer to do, then I’ll do it to make sure it’s perfect.

Any whooo, I’m getting off topic. The reason for this post is because I wanted to design a new cover to celebrate the release of the third edition coming soon. Sooooo….That’s what I did! JSMH now has a brand new cover to go along with the new edition. I hope you guys like it and have an awesome day! I’ll keep you posted when I finally release the new edition 😉



2 thoughts on “NEW COVER FOR JSMH!”

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