A Little Teaser Never Hurt Anyone…

So after a lot of debate I finally decided to give you guys a little teaser of the third installment of the Separate Ways series. Well…if a teaser includes the book’s title and the synopsis lol. And though the book doesn’t have a release date and probably won’t for quite some time (I have a LOT of projects going on right now), I figured giving you a litte taste couldn’t hurt. So here it is! Your little sneak peek 😉




Eight hundred and seventy-seven days.

That is how long I have waited to confess my feelings to Ren Candella. For over two years I’ve had to put a cap on my true feelings for her, to never let her know that every time she enters a room, my heart stops and so does my breathing. I’ve waited this long out of respect for her sister, Onyx: the girl who stole my twin brother’s heart. And now that the contract is over and I can finally tell her….I just can’t do it.


Since I was twelve years old I’ve been in love with Carrick Castle – one-fifth of the band Separate Ways. His face has covered my walls in posters and his voice has called to me through headphones, but none of that even compares to knowing the beautiful man himself. But truly knowing the real Carrick, not the showman, has made things even harder. What can you do when the one who holds your heart doesn’t want it?

There’s only one way to find out.


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