Sneek Peek at My Heart’s Only Exception (Separate Ways #3)

Copyright © 2015 Inda Herwood

All Rights Reserved

I hear chuckling and look to its source. Lilli, who sits next to Onyx at the head of the table, sips on her champagne while giving a pointed look between me and her daughter. It’s almost as if she’s saying, “Are you sure you only want just a part of her?”

And in the span of ten seconds of watching her with someone else, I know what I want now.

I want it all.

I can’t be her friend and watch her go out with guys without parts of my soul dying. My lungs want to seize up and stop working completely at the thought of her getting married to one of them. I can’t let that happen. The only way she’d ever marry someone if I had anything to do with it is me. And at that realization, I discover something else I never knew I wanted.

I want the picket fence. I want the mini Wren’s running around the house, making me play dress up with them. I want to wake up every morning to hear Wren singing out of tune while cooking eggs on the stove.

I want a lifetime of Wren.

So there’s the little sneek peek I promised you guys on twitter yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t get it posted sooner, but I entered the writing cave and forgot lol. But anyways, I hope this little snippet makes up for my flub! If you have any questions about the third and final book in the Separate Ways series, ask them in comments and I’ll try to answer without giving too much away!

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