A writer’s guide to survival for writing your first manuscript:

  1. Caffeine. In any form you can find it.
  2. Something you can throw across the room and it won’t shatter.
  3. Ear plugs.
  4. An understanding family/spouse/significant other. Mood swings and violent tendencies come with the job. I recommend gift cards as apology tools.
  5. And last but not least, fearlessness. It’s not an easy job. You’ll never please everyone, and criticism will greet you every day. You’ll doubt every page you write at first. People will make you feel like less for chasing down such an impossible dream. But if you can remind yourself that this is what you love, that this is what makes you happy, then what others have to say,Β and even your own doubt, won’t matter. And in doing that you accomplish fearlessness; by being the person you want to be, and doing the things you want to do.

So open that laptop, grab that can of Coke, put your hair up in an unattractive bun, and go kick some ass my fellow writers \m/

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