A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 3

And just like that, we’re on to day 3! How is everyone liking it so far? You bored yet? I’m going to guess yes, since my life isn’t as scintillating as the Kardashians, obviously lol. But something I’ve figured out from doing this is that it’s giving me motivation everyday to accomplish certain goals so I can tell you guys about them. And for that alone I think it’s been worth it.

As with days 1 and 2, day 3 was more editing. In retrospect I probably should have picked a better/more interesting week for me to do this blogging challenge. One where I’m actually writing and creating, and, I don’t know, doing something interesting. But I figured maybe I could sneak in a writing favorite of mine today to make up for it.

One of the things I do, especially when my mind comes up with a new character, is to write them down in the notebook I showed you guys yesterday. I add details like height, build, hair color and style, little quirks they’d be likely to have, and then my favorite part: their name. I don’t know what it is about names, but I love finding unique ones that are perfectly built for the character I’m envisioning. Sometimes a name alone gives me a picture of a character, and then I build a story just from that. But either way, I write them down, that way when I go back and possibly do a sequel, all I have to do is open my notebook, go to the page with their description, and everything is there. No hassle. This, by the way, is a tip I learned the hard way when I was writing the Separate Ways series. There were so many characters and descriptions that it was a nightmare with book 2 when I had to remember them all, and I didn’t have any of it written down in a concise, organized way.

 Annnnddd here’s a random picture of my desk. Inspiring is it not? LOL. Sorry about the lack of visuals today. It was rainy, dark, and cloudy in my neck of the woods, meaning any pictures I’d have taken would have looked like they were shot in a dungeon. Blame Mother Nature for this one.

I know I said a few paragraphs ago that today was kind of boring, you know, what with more annoying edits. But I do have something interesting planned for later tonight.

Okay, let me rephrase that: interesting for me.

I’m doing some fact checking and internet research for my latest project. To me, it’s one of the most important aspects when writing a book, especially when you’re writing about something specific, like an unfamiliar country, or the rules of a sport, or even the minute details of a dialect or accent. I love books where the descriptions are accurate and thought out, as though the author had first hand experience with it even if they didn’t. The key to a good book is in the details. Which is why I’ve been doing some digging into the world of fighting/MMA for a few weeks now, since that’s what my next book is going to focus on. I even watched martial arts practice sessions on YouTube and followed along so that when I write about it, I can perfectly describe how the stance feels, the pull you experience in your calves, the tightness of your shoulders before you release a punch. I want it to feel like you, the reader, is in that character’s shoes going through it with them. Hopefully I’ll accomplish this the way I hope to.

And that was day 3! I’m sorry it wasn’t very interesting, but hopefully tomorrow will breed something a little more fast paced. If you guys have any questions for me, I’d love to answer them! Perhaps we can even do a fun Q&A tomorrow 🙂




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