A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 4

We’re in the homestretch ya’ll! Only one day left of the blog-a-thon, and then it all goes back to normal. This little experiment has made my week go by in a flash. I hope it’s made your week go a little faster as well 😉

So today, as usual, was more editing for TSTMU. It’s hard to believe how much slower the reading process is when you’re going over every detail to make sure nothing is out of place. I also forgot that it’s a 100,000+ word document. I really need to start writing smaller novels, if only for my eyes’ sake lol. But I don’t think my progress is too bad. I’m 48% through, meaning I should have it done by early next week, allowing me to start seriously thinking about a release date.

Other than that, I did a TON of reading. I finished “Compromising Kessen” and managed to get through 54% of “Dark Fates” by G.K. DeRosa.


Recently I’ve been doing a 30 day free trial from Amazon for the Kindle Unlimited program, so I’ve been jamming books in left and right, power reading my way through a small library. Which also means it’s been cutting back on my editing hours, but I’m not letting it bother me too much, haha. Everyone needs some inspiration/down time, and I have been enjoying mine immensely.

Today was a beautiful day, further distracting me from my schedule. I wanted to go out on my porch and work since this would be my view, but the sun was a little too bright for my screen. Sadly, the leaves aren’t out on the trees yet since I live in the Northeast and heaven knows spring doesn’t hit us until early June.

Overall it was a productive day, and I’m always thankful for those, whether it’s with writing or just getting things done around the house. Another thing I forgot to mention is I do a lot of my writing at night. The house is usually quiet and I know I won’t be interrupted. I also think I’m more productive at night. I like to sketch after dark and go through my social media, updating all of my feeds. I post my artwork to my digital shop and finish going through emails for the day. It’s calm, peaceful. I’m also an insomniac, so that helps 😉

And that was day 4! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening!



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