About Me

I thought it would probably be a good idea if I told you a bit about myself on this page so it’s not like a complete mystery who I am 🙂 I’ve been in love with books and the stories they weave since I was eleven. Books were my escape from reality and gave me the wild imagination I have today. Coincidentally, I never thought I’d ever be a writer myself. I never thought I had the imagination nor the drive needed to start and finish a novel that all came from my own mind. It seemed unbelievably daunting. But God has a way of disrupting your plans and putting you on a path only He knows the map to. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the journey He has unexpectedly taken me on.

As always, happy reading!


You can find me on Twitter (@IndaHerwood), Instagram (@authorindaherwood) and also on Goodreads. I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “About Me”

      1. Yeah, you are supposed to nominate five other blogs and answer some questions. I did this a few months ago and it was fun. 🙂

        Love the changes you have made to your blog BTW. It looks so pretty!

      2. I remember you had to nominate others, I just forgot how many. Thanks for letting me know! BTW where do I answer the questions, and do I give those to the people I nominate?

        Thanks for the compliment! I thought the blog needed a little updating 😉

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