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I thought this would be a good page to show you my published works for now and in the future. My first novel, “Jump Start My Heart”, is the first book in the Separate Ways series, and “Learning Patience” and “The Scars That Made Us” are standalones. You can find all of my books at for FREE with kindle unlimited.

Jump Start My Heart (Separate Ways #1)

Synopsis :

Okay, so my story is a little different than most. It isn’t your typical boy meets girl. It isn’t about how changed plans can be turned into beautiful endings, or a young girl trying to find her way in the world. It’s about me, Lake Seraph, once loner extraordinaire. And also about this guy named Dais, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. For now, just know that something happened that summer – the one right after high school graduation when I thought my world was ending because things, well, didn’t exactly go my way. At all. And God knows I never expected him, or the crazy and unexpected friends I found along the way, and I definitely never expected for my life to be flipped upside down, all because of a phone call.

This…this is the story of the summer I left home – and ended up finding my heart.

All that mattered to new high school graduate, Lake Seraph, was spending the summer getting ready for college, looking forward to the day she’d finally leave home and be free to be the person she’s always wanted to be, while at the same time exploring the world like she was never allowed to before. But when plans change and choices are given, things have a funny way of working themselves out. Like how a single phone call can throw you into the hands of a music super star, his famous buddies not far behind him. But when the crazy world of celebrity and fame gets in the way, is a love that started out so complicated strong enough to survive?

With the help of her new friends turned surrogate family by her side, Lake just might make it through the summer to remember.

Heart of Onyx (Separate Ways, #2)

Heart of Onyx (Separate Ways #2)


Coming off the shock of my parents’ divorce, Mom springs on me and my younger sister that we’re suddenly moving to London for her job promotion – a new start for our broken little family, I suppose. There’s a lot to get used to. A new school, a new home, a new city.

All of that I can deal with. But Darragh Castle definitely wasn’t on my list of things I’d have to learn to adapt to.

Little did I know when I saved him from that, well…incident, that everything would change. For whatever reason he couldn’t leave me go after that day. And in a way I’m glad he couldn’t. Because he gave me things I never thought I’d have again, one of them being hope…the other love. But even the brightest places have shadows, including Darragh’s past. I don’t know if our story will have a happy ending – if he’ll be able to survive the darkness. But one can always hope. And if there is anything that he has taught me, it’s that the words ‘giving up’ aren’t in his vocabulary.



***This book is a standalone***

St. Claire Adams is the newest up and coming rapper to face music since Eminem. He travels the world, performs to crowds of thousands, and he also finds himself in L.A. County jail.

A lot.

And his final arrest gets him in some deep water not only with his bodyguard Dylan, but more importantly with his record label. Now Saint has an ultimatum to face. Either spend the summer getting “personality rehab” at Dylan’s sister’s famous horse training center, or forfeit his contract with the label and lose the dream life he has as a hip hop artist. Which do you think he chooses?

Life is pretty simple for Patience Kellen. At eighteen years old she is the youngest trainer at her aunt Molly’s horse farm, Kellen Stables, and her life pretty much revolves around the horses she molds into prize winning thoroughbreds. So when news that one of Dylan’s protection details needs a bit of down to earth rehabilitation, she doesn’t even flinch. That is until she meets the tatted up rapper who has…let’s just say a mouth on him.

This summer just got a whole lot more interesting. For both parties.


***This book is a standalone***

Ultimatums suck.

I should know. I was handed one on my eighteenth birthday by my mogul of a father. And it’s all because he refuses to believe that I can take care of myself, that I don’t need a man to fall back on in case my college dreams fail. But as much as I hate to admit it, his doubt comes from a logical place. It all stems from the nightmare incident that happened to me when I was seven years old. An event that has left scars of both the physical and emotional variety on me, leaving my body weaker than most.

But what is the ultimatum, you ask?

I either marry a man of his choosing for a stable financial future, or else I don’t get his check to go to college and complete my dreams of becoming a doctor.
Tell me, how do you trust a man who only wants to marry you for the check your father is so obviously writing him? The answer is you don’t.

But when Jagger Wells, my ridiculously gorgeous intended, explains the real reason behind his going along with this scheme, I begin to see the man beyond the pretty face; a guy just trying to do right by his family. And I decide that maybe there’s a way we can both get what we want without having to sign a marriage certificate in the process. All it would require is a little acting on our part and a couple of well-placed lies.

After a while, though, it doesn’t feel like we’re tricking our families anymore, but ourselves. That’s when lines blur, feelings become something real, and the truth is ultimately questioned.

In the end, I discover that I am not the only one with scars.

(This is clean contemporary/NA romance) 




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  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with your books! They are fantastic and I love the humor, sarcasm, and romance in them. You are a phenomenal author and I can’t wait to read your next book!

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