Nope, not dead. Just editing…

As the title suggests, I did not drop dead after my week long, day in the life of a writer project. I’ve simply been trying to make digital ARCs of “The Scars That Made US” to send out to readers, but the process has been more than a little stressful. If I had to use one word to sum up my experience so far with converting PDF files to MOBI/EPUB for Kindle ARCs it would be UGH!

Apparently, turning a PDF file into a Kindle ready MOBI file is damn near impossible. After watching a million and one videos on YouTube regarding the subject, and downloading numerous converting software, I’m now down to only one flaw in my file: the chapter number/title is set to the left instead of centered with the rest of the text. Guys, this has been an awful process, and I hate that it has set me back over a month. I promise I’ll continue to try to fix the bugs and bring you a release date soon. Until then, wish me luck!


A Week in the Life of A Writer: Fifth and Final Day!

We made it! It’s the fifth and final day of “A Week in the Life of A Writer”, and it’s finally done – challenge complete. I can’t believe it. But although I’m kind of sad it’s over, I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you guys did, too. I also want to thank you all for sticking around with me for a week to get a small picture into this writer’s life. It means a lot ❤

Today was a really fun day for me. I would even argue Friday is my favorite day of the week. Not only because it means the weekend is here, but because it’s also my half day. Normally I take most of Friday off, work Saturday, and then off again Sunday.

Why do I take Fridays off you ask?

Because of Ghost Adventures lol. They have an all day marathon every Friday and I love that show, for whatever reason. Make fun all you want, but it’s my guilty pleasure.

I also get this weird urge to bake/cook on Fridays. I don’t know why, but I figure taking a half day to do these things isn’t so bad if I work Saturday to make up for it. Today’s cooking inspiration (if you were wondering) was homemade pasta. I think tomorrow it’s going to be blueberry muffins. I’ll send you all a virtual basket as thanks for reading along with me this week. Sound good?

I even got in some hot chocolate/cuddle time this morning with the little fur ball. She loves when Mom takes a break and spoils her with a belly rub 🙂

For my half day of work I got in some sketching for a watercolor project I’m planning. I might be able to finish it tomorrow, but other than that, I cleaned out old posts on my Insta profiles and flipped through emails. I’m also redesigning the cover for “Learning Patience”, but it’s giving me a hard time since I need to readjust the pixels on the mock-up I made. Usually I love creating book covers, but this one is giving me a bit of a headache. Hopefully I’ll get it finished soon and be able to show it to you all. Cross your fingers lol.

That’s it! Day 5 complete. I had a ball with you all this week, and I’m glad I had the experience of daily blogging. It gave me a whole new respect for those who do it regularly and not just as a challenge. You, my friends, are badass.



A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 4

We’re in the homestretch ya’ll! Only one day left of the blog-a-thon, and then it all goes back to normal. This little experiment has made my week go by in a flash. I hope it’s made your week go a little faster as well 😉

So today, as usual, was more editing for TSTMU. It’s hard to believe how much slower the reading process is when you’re going over every detail to make sure nothing is out of place. I also forgot that it’s a 100,000+ word document. I really need to start writing smaller novels, if only for my eyes’ sake lol. But I don’t think my progress is too bad. I’m 48% through, meaning I should have it done by early next week, allowing me to start seriously thinking about a release date.

Other than that, I did a TON of reading. I finished “Compromising Kessen” and managed to get through 54% of “Dark Fates” by G.K. DeRosa.


Recently I’ve been doing a 30 day free trial from Amazon for the Kindle Unlimited program, so I’ve been jamming books in left and right, power reading my way through a small library. Which also means it’s been cutting back on my editing hours, but I’m not letting it bother me too much, haha. Everyone needs some inspiration/down time, and I have been enjoying mine immensely.

Today was a beautiful day, further distracting me from my schedule. I wanted to go out on my porch and work since this would be my view, but the sun was a little too bright for my screen. Sadly, the leaves aren’t out on the trees yet since I live in the Northeast and heaven knows spring doesn’t hit us until early June.

Overall it was a productive day, and I’m always thankful for those, whether it’s with writing or just getting things done around the house. Another thing I forgot to mention is I do a lot of my writing at night. The house is usually quiet and I know I won’t be interrupted. I also think I’m more productive at night. I like to sketch after dark and go through my social media, updating all of my feeds. I post my artwork to my digital shop and finish going through emails for the day. It’s calm, peaceful. I’m also an insomniac, so that helps 😉

And that was day 4! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening!



A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 3

And just like that, we’re on to day 3! How is everyone liking it so far? You bored yet? I’m going to guess yes, since my life isn’t as scintillating as the Kardashians, obviously lol. But something I’ve figured out from doing this is that it’s giving me motivation everyday to accomplish certain goals so I can tell you guys about them. And for that alone I think it’s been worth it.

As with days 1 and 2, day 3 was more editing. In retrospect I probably should have picked a better/more interesting week for me to do this blogging challenge. One where I’m actually writing and creating, and, I don’t know, doing something interesting. But I figured maybe I could sneak in a writing favorite of mine today to make up for it.

One of the things I do, especially when my mind comes up with a new character, is to write them down in the notebook I showed you guys yesterday. I add details like height, build, hair color and style, little quirks they’d be likely to have, and then my favorite part: their name. I don’t know what it is about names, but I love finding unique ones that are perfectly built for the character I’m envisioning. Sometimes a name alone gives me a picture of a character, and then I build a story just from that. But either way, I write them down, that way when I go back and possibly do a sequel, all I have to do is open my notebook, go to the page with their description, and everything is there. No hassle. This, by the way, is a tip I learned the hard way when I was writing the Separate Ways series. There were so many characters and descriptions that it was a nightmare with book 2 when I had to remember them all, and I didn’t have any of it written down in a concise, organized way.

 Annnnddd here’s a random picture of my desk. Inspiring is it not? LOL. Sorry about the lack of visuals today. It was rainy, dark, and cloudy in my neck of the woods, meaning any pictures I’d have taken would have looked like they were shot in a dungeon. Blame Mother Nature for this one.

I know I said a few paragraphs ago that today was kind of boring, you know, what with more annoying edits. But I do have something interesting planned for later tonight.

Okay, let me rephrase that: interesting for me.

I’m doing some fact checking and internet research for my latest project. To me, it’s one of the most important aspects when writing a book, especially when you’re writing about something specific, like an unfamiliar country, or the rules of a sport, or even the minute details of a dialect or accent. I love books where the descriptions are accurate and thought out, as though the author had first hand experience with it even if they didn’t. The key to a good book is in the details. Which is why I’ve been doing some digging into the world of fighting/MMA for a few weeks now, since that’s what my next book is going to focus on. I even watched martial arts practice sessions on YouTube and followed along so that when I write about it, I can perfectly describe how the stance feels, the pull you experience in your calves, the tightness of your shoulders before you release a punch. I want it to feel like you, the reader, is in that character’s shoes going through it with them. Hopefully I’ll accomplish this the way I hope to.

And that was day 3! I’m sorry it wasn’t very interesting, but hopefully tomorrow will breed something a little more fast paced. If you guys have any questions for me, I’d love to answer them! Perhaps we can even do a fun Q&A tomorrow 🙂




A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 2

So, Day 2! Like I said in my last post, today was more editing, and I managed to finish reading “A Little Bit Haunted”, bringing my total up to 13 of 15 books read for 2018.  Now I’m on “Compromising Kessen” by Rachel Van Dyken, pictured below.


BTW, can someone tell me if the man on the cover is wearing a PEARL earring? Or am I continuing to go blind? Either way, I got a laugh out of it.

Anyway…after I got my daily reading in as well as my editing session, I did as I said I would and jotted down some more details for a book idea I’ve been messing with. I don’t want to elaborate too much on it since it’s still in the beginning stages, but let’s just say there’s an MMA aspect to it as well as a feisty heroine, which is always fun to write. Of course, some things need to be blurred because, hello, this brilliance isn’t free 😉 #Kidding

Also, I thought it was nice of Chloe to photobomb us all in the corner there. You know, the white blob of fur that could easily get mistaken for a fluffy pillow/and or a marshmallow.

After writing down three pages of notes and getting some nasty finger cramping, I then proceeded to cook dinner, do laundry, and clean dishes. Now here I am, typing this up as I stare longingly at my diet Coke sitting next to me, which as we all know is the true fuel of writers.

So, with that said, I’m going to go and enjoy my evening now (and my precious Coke lol). I hope you all do the same!



A Week in the Life of A Writer: Day 1

As promised, today marks the first day of five where I will be posting about my daily writing process/routine. Of course, everyday changes for me, so you’re not going to be reading the same boring thing each evening. But there are a few elements that remain the same. Mostly my morning ritual, which begins with me taking care of my pupper, Chloe Cleopatra, and then getting breakfast before returning to my iPad for a morning read. Currently I’m on “A Little Bit Haunted” by Melody Summers. (I secretly think the cover model looks like Matt Lanter, hehe. Heck, it might even be him. I’ll have to do some research.)


This is the one thing I’m not always faithful to. If my morning is busy, I try to find little times throughout the day to read to make up for it. But reading in the morning is probably my favorite, because it gives me inspiration to get to work on my own writing 🙂

And that brings me to around eleven a.m. At the moment I’m not currently writing any new projects, not because I don’t want to, but because I have so much to do for the release of “The Scars That Made Us”. I’m a terrible procrastinator, so I’ve been forcing myself not to get distracted with anymore side projects. Though I do have something cooking 😉

So, today was edits for TSTMU. I recently converted my HTML file over to MOBI so that I can find any little bugs/issues with the layout for when it goes to kindle. The highlighting feature is great to track changes so that when I go back and change the original document, I know exactly where to go.

I normally edit for a couple hours and then give myself a break. Editing is my least favorite part of the job, and so I try not to ruin my day by dedicating it solely to the task. I’m the type of person that constantly needs to be doing something different and interesting each day to keep motivated. I blame my adult ADHD for that.

Next I take an hour for lunch, maybe do a load of laundry, and then I go back to work until five or six o’clock. I dedicate at least an hour or more a day to drawing/creating art, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or because I’m posting something new on my art shop, courtesy of redbubble.com. I’m an illustrator/graphic designer as well as a writer, so it keeps me nice and busy every day, and I love the diversity I get out of both jobs.

Of course, I don’t always stick to the schedule. Sometimes I spend a whole day on art related projects, and others I’m writing for hours at a time. Like I said before, today was dedicated to edits, and tomorrow probably will be too, but I also plan to vet out a few more details for my latest story in the afternoon, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. You need to give yourself a little treat every once in a while, and mine is scheming new book ideas. What’s yours? I’d love to know, so leave your answer in comments!



A Week in the Life of A Writer: Experimenting with Daily Blogging

As many of you know, I am not a daily blogger. Heck, getting me to post once a month is practically a miracle. But I really want to change that. In fact, back in January it was going to be one of my resolutions, and the other day I finally thought of an idea to get me motivated.

I’m going to blog every day for five days, detailing what it’s like to be an (almost) full time, stay at home writer. I’ll post pictures of my routine as well as updates on some projects I’m messing with. It’ll be a more detailed view of all the behind the scenes moments readers never get to see. I also thought it might help any aspiring writers out there that want a better idea of all it entails to publish on your own, as well as all the little details no one tells you about.

I hope this sounds interesting to you all! I plan to start Monday and post more towards the evening. Maybe we’ll both learn some things along the way 😉 #DailyBlogChallenge