Instagram Giveaway!

Over on my Insta (@authorindaherwood) I’m having a giveaway for these three, custom made, watercolor bookmarks! The winner will be picked July 5th, and will get to choose one of the three bookmarks shown below (not the book lol). For more details on how to enter, head over to my Instagram profile and click on the pic posted below!



And the winner is…


Yay, it’s here! Today I picked the winner for the bookmark giveaway, and the winner is…Laura Holt! Thank you, Laura, for entering, along with everyone else! And for those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry! I’ll be having more giveaways soon. See you then!


Swag Giveaway Time!

Here we go, my first ever giveaway for swag! Okay, so it’s not my own book swag, but I still thought this would be a fun thing for my readers to participate in.

Down below are four custom made bookmarkers for Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, and A Court of Thorns and Roses (two versions). I’m going to pick a winner on Feb. 24, and they’ll get to pick the marker of their choosing. There will only be one winner, and to enter, just leave a comment down below with your favorite book’s title and your email address (Email optional if it makes you uncomfortable ;). All the best luck to you!



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Giveaway Extravaganza!

I promised you all that I would be having a giveaway this coming week and I’m standing by that promise. In honor of the third edition coming out for Jump Start My Heart, I will be hosting a 10 PDF copy giveaway for the first ten people who enter in comments. All I ask in return if you win one of these copies is to 1) Email me to let me know you received the book. 2) Write a review on Amazon, your blog if you have one, and Goodreads. I can’t stress how important reviews are to authors, ESPECIALLY ON AMAZON! 3) I would greatly appreciate if you could post your reviews within 2 weeks of receiving the book. Now I know this seems strict and maybe a bit harsh, but I have given well over fifteen books away before for review and only about three ever posted the actual review. Again, reviews are how authors get their names out there and generate advertising. There is a lot, and I do mean A LOT of work that goes into writing, publishing, and advertising a book that you barely get any royalties from. So I would be more than grateful if even one of you read this and decided to help out some of your favorite authors by mentioning their names every once in a while on social media. Thank you all for participating and I wish you luck on winning a copy!

Directions for entering the giveaway: In comments post your name and email address. When all ten spots are filled I will write a blog post letting you know the official date I will send out the copies. Once again this giveaway is for the first book in the Separate Ways series, Jump Start My Heart. Description is down below.



What would you do if your summer was hijacked because your parents wanted to study freaking bugs? Well, that’s what happened to me. I thought the summer after high school graduation would be a time to have fun, plan for college, and avoid the parents. I did avoid the parents, just not the way I wanted to.

So instead of going for the summer to Colorado with Mom and Dad, I went with my only other option…my crazy aunt who I haven’t seen in years. Who just so happens to be a make-up artist in England now. Score, right? Not. A week into my vacay my aunt gets a call and away we go on some stupid tour her clumsy friend bailed on. Little did I know that the band we were working for just happened to be the biggest boy band in the world. And one of them just had to make me break my rules…

Maybe I should have gone with the crickets.

This book is clean, YA romance.