Currently Reading: TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE By Jenny Han

If any of you are familiar with the bookstagram universe, then you know it’s been in an uproar since the movie adaption of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” released on Netflix a little while ago. And when I say uproar, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I mean that they all seem to absolutely love it.

Honestly, I’ve seen the cover of this book go around for years, but I never tried to learn more about the story. But with all this hype lately, it made me want to go out and buy the first copy I could find, which is exactly what I did!

No joke, even the girl at the register knew about this movie. She asked if I had seen it yet, and I said I was going to read the book first, because as everyone knows, the movie leaves out around fifty percent of what was in the book. My mom asked her what she would give it on a scale of one to ten, and the girl said nine point five. Really, with so many people loving this thing, how could I not?

Alas, I’m on page one sixty something and I have yet to get that gooey, OMG this is amazing! feeling yet. But there’s still hope. I have a lot more to go, and I’ll let you know what I think in my final review!

So what about you guys? How many of you have watched the movie adaption on Netflix? And if you read the book too, how well do you think it holds up to it? Let me know in comments!