“The Scars That Made Us” Cover News!

As I was up late last night, working with my marketing cap on, I decided that I needed a solid plan with the release of the TSTMU cover. All of my other reveals have been spur of the moment, overly excited posts that didn’t have any real build up. Of course, I was seventeen then and I didn’t know a freaking thing about marketing/advertising a book. So…that leads me to now, nearly five years later and still with little knowledge on how to get people excited about my releases lol. But nevertheless, I have decided that on March 25th, ten days from now, I will officially release the cover for “The Scars That Made Us”. I’ll be releasing it here, on my Insta (shown on the right ->) and also on Twitter (@IndaHerwood, also shown on the right ->). I may even find a few people who will help me out with my endeavor, like Julia from The Romance Bibliophile.

Also, my friend, author Laura Holt, is having a slow release cover blitz of her new YA dark fantasy, “Fathoms Between”, over on her Instagram (@authorlauraholt). It would be awesome of you to go check it out and give her some love!


Check it Out!

Jules Gray

So recently my girl over at The Perks of Being a Bibliophile just got an Instagram page, and since she’s awesome, I wanted to share the good fortune with you all 😉 If you love her reviews and book promotions, go follow her at @bibliophileperks, and if you haven’t heard of her, RUN TO HER BLOG RIGHT NOW AND HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON. She’s passionate about the books she reads and you can see that in every review she posts. Also, find her on Twitter at @JulesGrayBooks for updates on book giveaways, currently reading lists, and so much more!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow, I have been so busy the last two weeks. And because I’ve been so swamped, I haven’t had much of a chance to read any real good books. I’ve been repainting my room, editing Jump Start My Heart for a new addition, writing two other books, and basically trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard. But during all of that chaos a very nice review for Learning Patience was posted, and I felt like I had to share it with you guys. It’s one of the nicest reviews I’ve ever read — for one of my books or otherwise. The reviewer herself is Cari from http://myaddictionbooks.blogspot.com. I just want to thank her for her kind words and for making my day! You can go check out her blog for more of her awesome reviews, or better yet, follow her there and on her twitter at @CariZepeda and on Goodreads.

Review is down below!


Rating: 5 Stars

My Opinion Of This Book: I loved it to pieces.


This girl has to be one of my favorite characters ever. I could relate so much to her that I felt like we were best friends or sisters or something. True to her name, she’s patient. At first, we see this innocent, super nice, genuine, well-mannered girl. But as the book progresses, we also see this cocky, fun, playful side of her. As well as being all those things, she’s really positive too. Patience is so strong, especially after everything she’s been through and how she handles situations. All in all, she’s a character you’ll love.

This guy. Oh my, I don’t even know what to say. He went through a huge change in this novel and I am so proud of him. In the beginning, kind of rude. But after awhile, he changed his ways. I mean, he was a good person from the start, but he still had a lot to learn. And he learned. I loved him. He’s so sweet, caring, funny, completely honest, and he sticks up for people. He’s so cute. And he’s a rapper, so that was pretty cool to read about. Oh, and he has tattoos!! *fangirl screams & swoons* You all know how I am about tattoos.

The Plot/Storyline: The storyline was freaking brilliant and unique, seriously.

The Writing: The writing was superb, especially for the author being so young. The writing had no grammatical errors, it was easy to comprehend, and it will have you stuck in the story instantly. In all honesty, her writing is even better than the writing in some really popular novels I’ve read. This novel was written in two POVs as well, which is really difficult to master, but Inda Herwood did it. The writing was simply stunning.

The Title: Honestly, Learning Patience has to be one of the best fitting titles ever. It’s so clever and it just goes so well with the book.

The Romance: The author nailed the romance aspect. It wasn’t overdone at all. It was a slow burning romance that’s to die for.

The Ending: The ending was amazing! It was so adorable. I can practically guarantee that it will leave you swooning and aww-ing.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am so pumped to read more works from this author!

I’d recommend Learning Patience if you’re looking for a quick, cute romance novel.